We Supply the Number 
You Record the Message
Great for last minute changes- 
Update as often as you like!

Affordable & Easy!

It's a unique number that is yours to 
advertise, give to group members or
anyone!  You record the announcement
or we can record the message for you
(optional).  Change the message anytime from any phone.  Very 
afffordable.  No long term contract.

   Local Numbers  
   Available In:




   Philadelphia, PA area

   Washington DC area

Perfect for:
Sports Teams             Special Events    
Restaurant Specials   Job Postings  
School Info.              Company Info. Line
Performances            Fundraisers
Organizations           Schedule Updates
Clubs                        Theaters

Sports Team Demo                 
Event Demo   
Restaurant Special Demo     
Club or Organization Demo    
(302) 822-7777

(302) 822-5555

(302) 441-2995

(302) 822-4444
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